...and the SICKENING tale of the unpaid pseudo-TWiT #PARASITES

How perverted womanizing sexual predator and multiple fraudster, Leo Laporte, cons unpaid basement-dwelling low-lifes into covering up his crimes and publicly abuse his sponsor's customers...

Leo Laporte - Pathetic Man-Baby

Petulant, voracious pervert Leo Laporte lives in a confusing world.

To this pitiful 1990's TV has-been, riddled as he is with acute narcissistic personality disorder, he truly believes that women should be GRATEFUL when they are leered at, sexualised, and demeaned with sexist names and sleazy, salacious comments. To be groped, fondled, stroked, touched, invited to sit on his knee, or otherwise grotesquely sexualised by perverted, morbidly obese, womanizing sexual predator, Leo Laporte, well, to this sick deviant, women should take it as a compliment and be thankful.

Leo Laporte walks around with images of female genitalia on his smartwatch. To Leo Laporte, that is perfectly normal, healthy behavior and just how dare you question him? Don't you know he's a star? Do you want your photo taken with him now?

Actually, Leo Laporte is a sickening sex pervert who spends his days in employment arbitration hearings after sexually harassing his female colleagues. Straight out of a Victorian workhouse, this dinosaur believes that all employees should behave as subservient slaves to their dictator and master. Indeed, any employee who dares to question his behavior or stands up to his abuse is quickly shown the door - "You're kind of stuck with me, since it's MY company. Maybe YOU should go somewhere else!" publicly proclaims this poisonous piece of shit. For this toxic man-baby, he then even goes so far as to label everyone who is repulsed by his sickening behavior as a "troll."

In a desperate attempt to prop up his failing business, he recently attempted to extort money out of Twitter™ by suing them for infringing on his "TWiT" trademark. Yes, seriously, he really did! Of course, the pathetic Leo Laporte and his gold-digging whore were immediately laughed out of court, but that's nothing new - people have been laughing at the pathetic Leo Laporte for years. He really is a complete joke in his own industry.

To Leo Laporte, it's perfectly acceptable behavior to LIE for cash - at least when he isn't selfishly stuffing his face in front of people comfort eating - peddling garbage and junky products that he absolutely definitely "uses all the time" onto his unsuspecting audience. He DECEIVES hundreds of companies into handing over their marketing budget by making empty promises about advertising on a tarnished, toxic podcast network linked to several sleazy sex scandals. As a fake tech guy who gives out dangerously bad, factually incorrect or just plain made up, technical advice every week, he's DESPERATE for money to keep both a professional gold-digger sexually interested in him, and to pay the living expenses of his lazy, indolent, layabout son and mentally unstable, suicidal daughter who have inherited his idle, work-shy attitude to life and are BOTH completely unemployable scroungers.

Man-Baby Tantrum: Shuts Down The Chatroom, Alienates His Own #PARASITES!

Perverted man-baby Leo "Dick Pic" Laporte - A JOKE in his own industry

This video shows childish man-baby, Leo Laporte, throwing one of his many notorious public tantrums. "This is part of the new web site!" lied bear-faced, compulsive liar, Leo Laporte. What ACTUALLY happened was that, two days before this footage was recorded, he had destroyed what little reputation he had left by accidentally exposing photos of his own penis live on air! This incident was immediately brought to the attention of his foolish sponsors who are stupid enough to fund his perverted lifestyle.

Yet, just a few days after this so-called "announcement" the repulsive portly pervert was forced to climb down in a spectacularly LAUGHABLE and HUMILIATING U-turn. With no chatroom to feed him answers to tech questions on his abysmal "Leo Laporte The Tech Guy" radio show, with no one to volunteer facts and figures that he can then spout as his own in any of the podcast show abominations he "takes part" in, this pathetic old man realized that if he did shut down the chatroom he would be IMMEDIATELY exposed as the fraudulent know-nothing that he is.

But the damage had already been done and this amateur man-baby had managed to make things even worse for himself. Most, but not all, of the #PARASITE moderators who had freely given their time covering up for this perverted fraud for years were outraged. They quit en masse, never to return, and the TWiT audience cheered a collective good riddance to them all. These idiots had FINALLY seen the error of their ways - Leo Laporte is a piece of shit who treats everyone foolish enough to associate with him with abject contempt. But, regretfully, not all of them. The current batch of #PARASITES that are left are the ones with demonstrably no self-respect at all, who carry on unquestionably supporting this perverted sexual predator no matter what he says or does. It's all they can do to bring meaning to their pointless little lives and it's pathetic.

So the chatroom is still there, with members of the public STILL being abused on a daily basis, and anyone who questions the behavior of this con-man and sex-pervert is quickly and ruthlessly silenced. THIS is how fraudster Leo Laporte operates. This is how he covers up his crimes.

Man-Baby Tantrum: "Tech News Today" Implodes!

Mike Elgan Inept Idiot
An amateur at work reading an autocue. All feedback and suggestions WILL be censored.

Remember when Leo Laporte's abusive, selfish behavior coupled with the greed of Lisa so-called-"Laporte" caused his daily news staff to quit? With hysterical ineptitude, Laporte replaced them all with someone with the personality, talent and delivery skills of a damp, non-gaseous fart - the excruciatingly wooden Mike Elgan.

It was BLATANTLY OBVIOUS to all (except for the hopelessly in-denial Leo Laporte) that this unskilled incompetent amateur was way out of his depth. But did Leo Laporte have the courage, decency and morals to step up and quickly correct the problem? Of course not, because Leo Laporte is a CROOK. Instead, he just prowled the chat room FOR DAYS, desperately kicking anyone who questioned the horrific car wreck that was happening live on-screen. The man-baby hoped it would all just blow over and tried to cover the whole PR-nightmare up, just like the little worm always does. A sleazy cover-up? Not while we're around! Check out our PERMANENT Leo Laporte Personal Audience Abuse Log for the period of January 2014 for full details of this desperate and utterly disgraceful behavior.

Laporte's Cronies - The Real TWiT Army

So, those are the crimes of perverted man-baby, Leo Laporte - could there BE anything worse? Well actually, as it turns out, yes there could.

When you're a compulsive liar, con-man, and sleazy womanizing sex pervert, CLEANING UP YOUR ACT just isn't an option. Instead, Leo Laporte has managed to con his audience's lowest forms of detritus to cover up for him!

Exceedingly childish and immature, these hall-monitors-who-never-grew-up sit in their basements, masturbating in their own faeces, desperately trying to cover up the never-ending public blunders of a sex pervert - one social faux pas after another. To them, they see this as a way of bringing meaning to their pointless, unfulfilled little lives.

Let's examine a few of the most notorious ones now...

Tater - A Wasted Life

Like all the other so-called "moderators", the dumbest one of them all - the in-bred, low-IQ, rednecked "Tater" - also wasted his life covering up for a sex pervert.

Then, in September 2016, with Tater wasting his life away as usual that day, this happened:

irc.twit.tv #twitlive
September 19, 2016
Tater morning
Tater hiya shivers ,hi OzNed
RedPenguin I have no clue what's going with my desktop
shivers Hey Tater
RedPenguin The PCI Express video card seems to have died but now the onboard for right now keeps crashing the PC it seems
RedPenguin I don't get a BSOD or anything, little color squares everywhere
Tater yea my 560 did that when it died
Keith512 sound likes corruption of the image there is some bad memory
OzNed Tater :)
Tater I just tried to watch a 4K stream and it crashed my pc
Tater hows it been going OzNed
shivers Ahhhh! I needed that coffee. Didn't get enough sleep and starting to feel that now
Tater just made smoe
Tater some
OzNed oh busy thanks Tater :)
Tater you been working hard lately
OzNed sometimes it's like that Tater
Tater yea I know how that goes :)
AmigaSkylakei7 afternoon geeks
Tater good afternoon AmigaSkylakei7
Tater hows it going AmigaSkylakei7
AmigaSkylakei7 ok thanks gona do some gaming in a bit
AmigaSkylakei7 was thinking about Quake :O)
AmigaSkylakei7 or Unreal
Tater now you got me thinking about crysis
AmigaSkylakei7 i like crysis 2
Tater yea I have played it thru a couple of times
Tater back in the day but not checked it out on my 960
AmigaSkylakei7 I guess people are going for 1080's now
AmigaSkylakei7 titan x is just a waste of money
Keith512 now $28k on pcpartpicker
Tater thats a lot of money Keith512
AmigaSkylakei7 I like flight sims :O)
OzNed I didn't really try flight sims
Tater I like the WW11 flight sims best
Tater but have put a lot of time useing flight sim X
AmigaSkylakei7 lots of controls puts some people off them
Tater yea I had to spend a good bit of money on a good set of flight controls
RedPenguin Wow I never never seen a PC slug to the level of my family member's PC
RedPenguin Looks like AVG updating is what caused the PC to slug and slug with heavy HD access for like 20 minutes
Tater got to make some breakfast
Keith512 it should update in a few seconds
RedPenguin Well for some reason this family member's PC was stuck sluggish as can be for like 5 minutes straight
AmigaSkylakei7 titanfall could be good
RedPenguin not if you are a titan and you fall

Nobody noticed him leaving. Nobody ever did. Tater's contribution to the TWiT community was always pointless, just like himself, and this day was just like all the others, except for one thing. He got up from his keyboard, went to make that breakfast, and suffered a fatal heart attack a few minutes later. Karma.

One wonders, as he clasped his chest in agony and his scared, confused face came smashing down onto the kitchen floor, only then did he finally realize? As he gasped his last, stripped of even what little dignity any of the pitiful, unpaid TWiT #PARASITES have, as his life ebbed away and whatever tribal deity or godlike image he'd wasted his life believing in imparted judgement upon him, was he able to justify and explain why he'd wasted his now revoked gift of life supporting, encouraging and covering up for a perverted, womanizing sexual predator and fraudster?

Behold, THIS is Tater's legacy to which we say, good riddance to you Tater, the chatroom sure has been a little less boring without you.

Mick - The Second Most Notorious Pervert

Another #PARASITE who is also thankfully now at the end of his pointlessly insignificant life turns out to be almost as big a salacious pervert as Leo Laporte himself - the creepy, candle-making, wrinkled old fossil "Mick".

Mick - The Perverted #PARASITE
How's your chest feeling today, Mick?

If you examine his personal abuse log here you'll quickly notice a curious and extremely salacious interest in ANYTHING sexual. Every day he prowls the chatroom in search of anything that can be construed or contorted into something lascivious, while at the same time presumably still managing to type with his one free hand.

We all very much look forward to his worthless, unpaid involvement with TWiT coming to an end, hopefully any day now, and we will openly celebrate Mick's long-overdue demise as he shuffles off this moral coil right here when it happens. Stay tuned!

But, "oh no!" you say? "Who will waste their life away copying and pasting the recording schedule into the chatroom every day only for it to pointlessly scroll up and disappear after a couple of minutes?!?" Nobody will, that's who, because nobody cares about this aging, decrepit #PARASITE and his useless contributions either.

Buddy, Can You Spare Me A Dime?

The title of Supreme #PARASITE doesn't go to the decomposing Tater, the sex-obsessed pervert Mick, the shameless suck-up OzNed, the hopelessly amateur "Don't kick him for that!" KnoxHarrington, or even the horrifically immature and petty lifesazoo.

Hey! You'd probably be spiteful, vindictive and resent the entire world too...

Like a notorious miracle faith healer stood on stage in front of an enthralled but unsuspecting and gullible audience, while all the time just using a surreptitiously hidden earpiece, Leo Laporte too is every bit as big a charlatan, and it is spiteful cripple, Mike Shulman, who can be found sitting in the wings with the microphone, constantly feeding the con-man and fraudster with fresh material. Like an excitable poodle, he sits there during every "Leo Laporte The Tech Guy" radio show, desperately seeking the approval of his beloved master by trying to spoon-feed him answers that the so-called tech guy himself can't answer.

Furthermore, Shulman is the only #PARASITE whom Leo Laporte and his greedy gold-digging whore actually pays, but they make sure it's only the smallest, paltry amount - a few coins of pity-money dropped into the poor sad cripple's begging bowl.

The Leo Laporte Live Real-Time Abuse Log

Finally, below, we present a real-time listing of the MOST RECENT abuses carried out in the sick name of Leo Laporte. Take a look - can you find yourself in the IRC log histories preserved on this site?!?

Fear not - if you have ever suffered ABUSE in TWiT's toxic IRC chatroom either in the past or in the future, then rest assured - the incident WILL be recorded on this site permanently and forever. Long after his own forthcoming morbidly obese, diabetic demise, this web site will stand as a monument to what a lousy piece of shit Leo Laporte truly was. In the meantime, the more he and his collection of misguided cronies desperately scrambles to cover up his crimes, THE MORE WE WILL EXPOSE HIM. So, on behalf on the entire alienated audience, the former fleeced advertisers, and former TWiT staff - all of whom are sickened by his abusive behavior and lack of any morals whatsoever - we say a wholehearted:

Fuck you, Laporte, and the gold-digging whore you rode in on. How do you like that?

irc.twit.tv #twitlive
May 31, 2020
oddio: Chronic interruptor.
ScooterX has kicked oddio from #twitlive (go write a letter)
irc.twit.tv #twitlive
May 26, 2020
User0725: Your stupid cloth mask is like installing a chain link fence to keep out mosquitoes. It's is nothing but symbolism without substance.
ScooterX: User0725: drop it
User0725: So we've gone mask free.
ScooterX has kicked User0725 from #twitlive (I asked you nicely )
irc.twit.tv #twitlive
May 17, 2020
compositionNut: Brianna Wu please tile camera down, nothing over your head worth watching. Thanks
compositionNut: Take a composition class Bri
beatmaster has kicked compositionNut from #twitlive (take a decency class)
irc.twit.tv #twitlive
May 09, 2020
Web4221: stop letting that guy on every week. he interrupts, asks boring questions, and dominates a whole segment
beatmaster has kicked Web4221 from #twitlive (Your behavior is not conducive to the desired environment.)
irc.twit.tv #twitlive
May 09, 2020
Mr_Quest: it was all that lsd
Mick has kicked Mr_Quest from #twitlive (Mick)
irc.twit.tv #twitlive
May 06, 2020
ericDuckman: i don't want you to correct everything i say. not your job
ericDuckman: don't tell me what to think
KnoxHarrington has kicked ericDuckman from #twitlive (ok)
irc.twit.tv #twitlive
May 05, 2020
User0391: is ScooterX jacking off with his one good leg?
ScooterX has kicked User0391 from #twitlive (You have been added to the Trollodex.)
irc.twit.tv #twitlive
April 29, 2020
User2263: Pretty sure Flo just wants this to be over with
ScooterX: User2263: pretty sure you are a jerk
ScooterX has kicked User2263 from #twitlive (bye)
irc.twit.tv #twitlive
April 07, 2020
User8388: Leo can you be anymore ignorant, first getting mad at an employee for doing his job then your off handed comment about one of Mikah's relatives being pregnant.
ScooterX has kicked User8388 from #twitlive (You have been added to the Trollodex.)
irc.twit.tv #twitlive
April 02, 2020
Highlander: the numbers are also not accurate, they test those that passed for antibodies, so what this means is covid doesnt have to kill you to be in teh death toll, if you had covid and recovered and say die of a heart attack you are counted as a victim, which is false data
KnoxHarrington has kicked Highlander from #twitlive (enough of that)
irc.twit.tv #twitlive
April 01, 2020
technsandiego: leo: I just signed up for ExpressVPN and was immediately kicked off by beatmaster. How do I avoid getting kicked out of the chat room in the future?
beatmaster: technsandiego: by not using VPNs
technsandiego: beatmaster: Good idea. I lived without it for years, I'll cancel the service and get my money back. Thanks again beatmaster.
beatmaster: technsandiego: if you think trolling gets you anywhere
beatmaster has kicked technsandiego from #twitlive (Your behavior is not conducive to the desired environment.)
irc.twit.tv #twitlive
March 29, 2020
Shortwave: Warn way, Mick ...what's your problem?
Mick has kicked Shortwave from #twitlive (mind the rules "if" you return)
irc.twit.tv #twitlive
March 29, 2020
Mike_B: Leo is in one of his moods again
Mike_B: Leo: Very uncool of you to call your chatters names. How about not being an online bully?
Mike_B: Leo: Calling someone a nitwit is not nice, Leo
Mike_B: Leo: See? People agree with me. You're being an arse.
beatmaster has kicked Mike_B from #twitlive (Your behavior is not conducive to the desired environment.)
irc.twit.tv #twitlive
March 16, 2020
Grumpy: this pandemic is a godsend to governments, they get to ramp up the control
beatmaster has kicked Grumpy from #twitlive (Your behavior is not conducive to the desired environment.)
irc.twit.tv #twitlive
March 14, 2020
Italiano84: people are so dirty
ScooterX has kicked Italiano84 from #twitlive (I am a people!)
irc.twit.tv #twitlive
March 03, 2020
kodie: pixel corps dead so your wrong alex
beatmaster has kicked kodie from #twitlive (Your behavior is not conducive to the desired environment.)
irc.twit.tv #twitlive
March 01, 2020
Phoenix_warp1_: ease off the condescention leo....
Leo has kicked Phoenix_warp1_ from #twitlive (Leo)
irc.twit.tv #twitlive
February 22, 2020
Loquaciousv2: Not that it's all that important and I don't explain myself to people
ApplePiez: Loquaciousv2: better stop talking to humans then, if you feel you're "above" explaining your points when unclear
Loquaciousv2: Don't tell me what to do either :)
ApplePiez: Loquaciousv2: You aren't very nice are you
ApplePiez: Loquaciousv2: go play elsewhere please
beatmaster has kicked ApplePiez from #twitlive (only come back if you play nice)
irc.twit.tv #twitlive
February 08, 2020
Web6751: Leo is a gasbag. What about the coronavirus? Thanks Leo.
ScooterX has kicked Web6751 from #twitlive (You have been added to the Trollodex.)
irc.twit.tv #twitlive
February 06, 2020
Spike: Ham Cram was my stripper name in the 90's.
Mick has kicked Spike from #twitlive (- "stripper" discussion is NOT family friendly chat. Try again.)