...and the SICKENING tale of the unpaid pseudo-TWiT #PARASITES

How perverted womanizing sexual predator and multiple fraudster, Leo Laporte, cons unpaid basement-dwelling low-lifes into covering up his crimes and publicly abuse his sponsor's customers...

Presenting For Your Consideration...

The Pseudo-TWiT #PARASITE "Chumly" Hall of Shame:

irc.twit.tv #twitlive
June 08, 2015
Web3561: Getting tired of Mike Elgan
Chumly has kicked Web3561 from #twitlive (Chumly)
irc.twit.tv #twitlive
June 16, 2015
Mogwai: I think Leo needs to reassess SpinRite, and pose a challenge on occasion. I know Leo cares to do that.
Chumly has kicked Mogwai from #twitlive (rant on)
irc.twit.tv #twitlive
July 01, 2015
Web1768: which host do you perfer , LEO or MIKE! vote!
Chumly has kicked Web1768 from #twitlive (Chumly)
irc.twit.tv #twitlive
July 02, 2015
Web1378: i dont like the new twit website at all :((((
Chumly has kicked Web1378 from #twitlive (cool story)
irc.twit.tv #twitlive
July 04, 2015
Web2376: hey WiGuy
Chumly has kicked Web2376 from #twitlive (because you're rude)
irc.twit.tv #twitlive
July 13, 2015
Web0808: god... seeing mike host really makes you appreciate leo's skill
Chumly has kicked Web0808 from #twitlive (Chumly)