...and the SICKENING tale of the unpaid pseudo-TWiT #PARASITES

How perverted womanizing sexual predator and multiple fraudster, Leo Laporte, cons unpaid basement-dwelling low-lifes into covering up his crimes and publicly abuse his sponsor's customers...

Presenting For Your Consideration...

The Pseudo-TWiT #PARASITE "Keith512" Hall of Shame:

irc.twit.tv #twitlive
May 29, 2015
Web1148: so is chat shutting down because Laporte accidentally showed his (vaynerchuk) on live stream?
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irc.twit.tv #twitlive
May 30, 2015
Web3249: Is that another Leo dick pic on the screen? Oh wait thats just Leo
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irc.twit.tv #twitlive
May 30, 2015
Web6551_: LISA is destoryong the GEEK in this network
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irc.twit.tv #twitlive
May 31, 2015
verga: show your best dickpic
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irc.twit.tv #twitlive
June 01, 2015
mattucf: I have to go, I hope I hear something official about the chat continuing and all..
mattucf: love you leo, bye
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irc.twit.tv #twitlive
June 04, 2015
Web9444: will my family and I be able to safely watch TWiT in the future?
ScooterX: Web9444: Maybe you should discuss things with your clergyman?
Web9444: i don't understand
Keith512 has kicked Web9444 from #twitlive (Enough of it its over and done with)
irc.twit.tv #twitlive
August 03, 2015
Web8855: Leo, Please let the guest finish a thought before interupting. Your hosting skills could sure use a lot of improvment.
Keith512 has kicked Web8855 from #twitlive (Your Manners could sure use a lot of improvement)
irc.twit.tv #twitlive
August 21, 2015
Web2730: the ads have gotten longer and longer in tnt
Keith512 has kicked Web2730 from #twitlive ((Incorrect information))
irc.twit.tv #twitlive
September 09, 2015
iPhone_46523: hey Newcomb.... be respectful.... okay...m
Keith512 has kicked iPhone_46523 from #twitlive (dont tell hosts what to do)
irc.twit.tv #twitlive
September 23, 2015
yourwono: I think it's great that Leo is going on another vacation soon. He deserves it. He works so hard reading other people's news stories, repeating the same stories from the shows he appears on and stealing other blog content and just reading it on the air. Plus, Lisa deserves another get-away as well. She works really hard doing whatever it is that she does....
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irc.twit.tv #twitlive
September 25, 2015
towncapper: Leo, is a cheating mother(vaynerchuk)er. I don't know how Lisa can have sex with that worthless fat slob. He censors TWiT content to make him look good.. He is the scum of the earth.. (vaynerchuk) YOU LEO
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irc.twit.tv #twitlive
September 27, 2015
User0604: Leo one day you'll realize that smelly Lisa has ruined you despite making you rich
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irc.twit.tv #twitlive
September 27, 2015
Web6030: im very dissapointed in how Leo behaves, he is very immoral and dismissive of the things that are important in life, and consumed with wealth and consumerism. Friendships are the fulfillment and treasure of life. John C DVorak helped you and has been a friend to you and defended you for many many years. Your shallow character is broadcast for the world to see. Im just very dissapointed in you. You have failed to be a good human being
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irc.twit.tv #twitlive
September 27, 2015
User4991: Leo has become a Kool Aid drinker
User4991: Time to ban Leo from my podcast downloads.
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irc.twit.tv #twitlive
September 27, 2015
JollyGoodMon: I highly recommend you each contact TWIT's advertisers and express how you feel about Leo's unprofessional public firing of DVORAK. Tell them that you won't be buying their brand until they withdraw their support of TWIT
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irc.twit.tv #twitlive
September 28, 2015
buhbye: I just saw leos video today about him kicking John off the show. I have listened to leo years but I have been reading john for even longer! he is more of a tech analsis then you and all your native ads. Bye TwiT its been real but this product is getting worse and worse. MIKE ELGIN!!! LOL this is it
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irc.twit.tv #twitlive
December 08, 2015
Keith512 has kicked User1674 from #twitlive (Keith512)
irc.twit.tv #twitlive
December 13, 2015
User0737: Hey ScooterX, why was Richardya (dddd) muted for implying that twitbot was useless, yet neo is allowed to talk about warez? Does Leo ( ChiefTWiT ) realize how many innocent chatters are muted on a typical Saturday/Sunday? They happily type away, never realizing that their idol Leo ( ChiefTWiT ) will never see their messages. I'm not a retard, so twitbot won't kick me!!
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irc.twit.tv #twitlive
January 06, 2016
Web3068: Is it true that Leo was extremely rude to Sarah Lane?
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irc.twit.tv #twitlive
February 13, 2016
Keith512: if 2 black holes come into contact with each other do they suck together and block each other
desertcan: you can't trust einstein, he was a socialist???.
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irc.twit.tv #twitlive
June 09, 2017
User1765: Show Title: Frederique, Kara Kohl, and Tony Wang were fired to pay for Leo and Lisa's Vacation --- yeah!
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irc.twit.tv #twitlive
July 12, 2017
Web6590: This is all about people like Leo wanting free electricity.
Web6590: Cut the crap leo.
Web6590: Leo wants something for free.
Web6590: This is crap. Leo is a grredy rich guy who does not want to pay his fair share for the internet.
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irc.twit.tv #twitlive
October 25, 2017
Web5062: Is Leo Laporte still sexually harassing hosts and guests?
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irc.twit.tv #twitlive
November 15, 2017
iCjay: stop bullying me padre and making (vaynerchuk) up
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irc.twit.tv #twitlive
January 06, 2019
User8466: Leo Leporte, "I'm in the bed naked waiting for you."
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irc.twit.tv #twitlive
June 14, 2020
User3328: Leo how dare you tell people who dont want wear a mask to stay home and are selfish. You stay home!! Your ignorance and understanding are obvious, due to the fact you fail to realize they are ineffective.
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irc.twit.tv #twitlive
May 23, 2021
User1107: Leo if you want people to sign up for Club TWiT, stop bragging about your wealth nonstop for 6 hours every weekend. It's pathetic.
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irc.twit.tv #twitlive
May 31, 2021
User1007: Why doesn't Leo just fire Ant Pruitt (who is just a money sink), and hire Moe back? Then we can all come to the studio and watch a fat has-been who showed the Internet his dick brag about his wealth surrounded by TVs! Fun!!
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irc.twit.tv #twitlive
July 31, 2021
User4685: Can't keep any female employees around for some reason? hmmm
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