...and the SICKENING tale of the unpaid pseudo-TWiT #PARASITES

How perverted womanizing sexual predator and multiple fraudster, Leo Laporte, cons unpaid basement-dwelling low-lifes into covering up his crimes and publicly abuse his sponsor's customers...

Presenting For Your Consideration...

The Pseudo-TWiT #PARASITE "Mick" Hall of Shame:

irc.twit.tv #twitlive
August 03, 2013
Strider64: zzzzzzzzzzzzzz ting zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
Mick has kicked Strider64 from #twitlive (no spam)
irc.twit.tv #twitlive
August 07, 2013
cornstarch_: way to take chatroom question #snark
Mick has kicked cornstarch_ from #twitlive (when you own the network you can operate it as you see fit #snark)
irc.twit.tv #twitlive
August 11, 2013
Web1692: Oh could we talk about tech some time tonight
Mick has kicked Web1692 from #twitlive (come back in 10 minutes and see if the show pleases you - the chatroom does NOT control the flow of the show!!!)
irc.twit.tv #twitlive
August 19, 2013
Web5663_: Zuck is imbecilic
Mick has kicked Web5663_ from #twitlive (quit trolling)
irc.twit.tv #twitlive
August 21, 2013
Web007: This feed is living proof that TWiT is a flop. Only person to do it twice is Leo!
Mick has kicked Web007 from #twitlive (We no likey the troll)
irc.twit.tv #twitlive
August 30, 2013
masa_web: btw, I am not agains Android. It's good to have alternatives. I am shocked by the "How to switch" aspect. booohhhh ;-) hehe
Mick has kicked masa_web from #twitlive (go sit in the corner and booh with yourself. When the world becomes perfect in your opinion please come back and try and restrain yourself.)
irc.twit.tv #twitlive
September 01, 2013
iPad_67699: 3D printing has been around for 20+ years only good for prototyping
iPad_67699: It's not early days, that's a lie
Mick has kicked iPad_67699 from #twitlive (not polite to call the host a liar - maybe use a different term if you disagree with him if you come back)
irc.twit.tv #twitlive
September 15, 2013
Web1911: Leo I am glad you are so jovial, but I think since Heather has been on the air, you have gotten silly, seems like you are showing off for her, and the content of the show suffers... Love you Leo
Mick has kicked Web1911 from #twitlive (Web1911 I'd kick you back to the stone age but you'd probably think beating women with clubs is too jovial also, this will have to suffice for the time being.)
irc.twit.tv #twitlive
September 23, 2013
iPhone_49890: It's rude to always keep co workers waiting.
Mick has kicked iPhone_49890 from #twitlive (when you control the traffic feel free to do the complaining)
irc.twit.tv #twitlive
October 11, 2013
Yheatm: Untangle your earbuds sloppy lazy person
Mick has kicked Yheatm from #twitlive (that was totally uncalled for)
irc.twit.tv #twitlive
October 18, 2013
chuck: She looks very good today.
Mick has kicked chuck from #twitlive (- you're welcome to come back when you resolve to not speak in reference to sarah's underwear (or anybody else's for that matter!))
irc.twit.tv #twitlive
October 23, 2013
arlen: i said one thing about the song
arlen: calm down
Mick has kicked arlen from #twitlive (sometimes discretion is the better part of valor - please be kind "if" you return)
irc.twit.tv #twitlive
October 24, 2013
Web6630: Paul, we forgive you. You're a dork. Fine. Let's talk Windows now, please.
Web6630: The smoke is coming from Paul's ears.
Mick has kicked Web6630 from #twitlive (show some respect to the guests/hosts and remember "IF" you come back that the chatroom does NOT control the flow of the show!)
irc.twit.tv #twitlive
October 30, 2013
Web3288: Does this change mean Leo will be timely? I'll believe it when I see it.
Mick has kicked Web3288 from #twitlive (your sarcasm is NOT welcome)
irc.twit.tv #twitlive
October 31, 2013
iPad_67464: thinking Sarah needs to leave earlier.
Mick has kicked iPad_67464 from #twitlive (thinking that's really none of your business)
irc.twit.tv #twitlive
November 04, 2013
pter: in fact there was days when Sarah was on time
Mick has kicked pter from #twitlive (you're sarcastic comments are not welcome)
irc.twit.tv #twitlive
November 18, 2013
Web0826: Will Sarah ever be on time?
Mick has kicked Web0826 from #twitlive (your sarcasm is NOT welcome)
irc.twit.tv #twitlive
December 01, 2013
Web6041: Chaddington McRedhair, Esq>
Mick has kicked Web6041 from #twitlive (show a little respect if you come back)
irc.twit.tv #twitlive
December 02, 2013
Web4027: Molly dont talk about negative adds ,you have don the sam vith the Lumia 1020 on youtube
Mick has kicked Web4027 from #twitlive (the chatroom does NOT control the flow of the stream. Remember that IF you come back)
irc.twit.tv #twitlive
December 08, 2013
Moki: Men have two heads, think with the small one...
Mick has kicked Moki from #twitlive ()