...and the SICKENING tale of the unpaid pseudo-TWiT #PARASITES

How perverted womanizing sexual predator and multiple fraudster, Leo Laporte, cons unpaid basement-dwelling low-lifes into covering up his crimes and publicly abuse his sponsor's customers...

Presenting For Your Consideration...

The Pseudo-TWiT #PARASITE "Tater" Hall of Shame:

irc.twit.tv #twitlive
December 08, 2015
Virgil: be back in second or 2 cause chrome has an update
Tater has kicked Virgil from #twitlive (Tater)
irc.twit.tv #twitlive
January 26, 2016
Web4635: "Leo acknowledges unpaid bill cause of twit downtime."
Tater has kicked Web4635 from #twitlive (Tater)
irc.twit.tv #twitlive
June 15, 2016
GBRedneck: morning all
Tater has kicked GBRedneck from #twitlive (Tater)
irc.twit.tv #twitlive
July 19, 2016
NigraRuggles: Leaving
Tater has kicked NigraRuggles from #twitlive (Tater)
irc.twit.tv #twitlive
July 19, 2016
Konky: I send bitmojis to a friend of mine only because he hates them. I'm a good friend in that way.
Tater has kicked Konky from #twitlive (Tater)